Entrepreneur Bootstrapping Business Idea – Create a Mobile Notary Public Service

September 5, 2022

Many small businesses need a notary service on various occasions, but they do not have a notary on staff. Notary Services occasions where private individuals need a notary at odd hours as well. You will create a business where you will travel to the person that requires notary service.

Becoming a notary is fairly easy. You just have to pay the appropriate fees, obtain a surety bond, and make sure that you are following all of the laws for your area. Once you are certified, all you need is a cell phone and a car.

You will either obtain appointments over the phone, or on-line. You can charge a certain fee for the distance you have to travel as well as emergency fees (nights and weekends) and the actual notary fee. Make sure that you charge a minimum so that you are not wasting your time by going a long distance just to sign a single document.

You can broaden the scope of your business eventually by hiring a series of notaries, creating an appointment setting system and taking a cut of the profits every time someone goes out for signature. If you make each person an independent contractor, then you will not have to provide for vehicle maintenance and other benefits.

You will need to perform and aggressive marketing campaign in order to stay in business. Although a notary is something that will always be needed, you will want to position yourself as much more convenient than having to go to city hall or some other location where there is a notary.

Make sure that you never sign documents that are against the rules, even if someone is offering to pay you. You can get your license removed and face serious legal issues.

Joshua Black is an on-line infopreneur, marketing consultant, author and educator dedicated to helping the bootstrapping small business owner succeed.

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