Networking in an Online Class

October 29, 2022

Once enrolled in your online classes, you should consider your professional goals and utilize the unique nature of online education to build your network of professional contacts and enhance your level of professional decorum. The following are a few key guidelines to help improve your online communication in your online college classes. Visit online for more details.

As email becomes an increasingly dominant aspect of business communications in every industry, your online classes will provide you with invaluable experience to hone your electronic and written communication skills. Your current or future job likely utilizes email to interact both internally, with coworkers, and externally, with clients.

The Importance of Professional Contacts-
Always remember that your classmates might hold varying levels of authority in a diverse array of industries and from a large demographic and geographical area. The classmates with whom you interact in your online college classes might currently or in the future prove remarkably beneficial business contacts.

Getting to Know Your Classmates-
Use the discussion board frequently. Interact both on a personal and professional level with your classmates. Find out something about each of your classmates – their employer, their title and position, and the reason that they are taking online classes. Forging friendships and creating contacts within your online classes can prove fruitful in your own career. Don’t be afraid to display your abilities to think creatively and critically, organize your thoughts, and communicate both effectively and in a professional manner.

Email and Discussion Board Netiquette-
Note that typing in all capitalized letters is an electronic representation of yelling. Never yell at your classmates or instructors. Also, remember that not all computers have the same fonts installed, so use a common font that is likely to be visible to all classmates – unusual and script fonts should be avoided. Additionally, you should always use black fonts of a common size and displayed on a white background – bright colors, large print, and fun fonts might be appropriate for personal communications, but are not acceptable in a professional environment.


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