Strange Facts About Animals

September 28, 2022

Our planet, Earth, is filled with around one million different kinds of animals. There are lots more to be discovered yet. Learning strange facts about all these animals is an interesting subject. The biggest fact is that there are almost 92,000 varieties of insects, 6,000 varieties of reptiles, 6,723 varieties of amphibians and 4,260 varieties mammals on our planet.

Here are some strange, albeit interesting, facts about animals that inhabit our Earth.

The adult male in most of the animal Allt om djur species is usually bigger in size compared to the female. However, in case of anacondas, it is not so. The female anacondas are approximately three to five times bigger than the male anacondas.

Have you ever noticed an insect that has the ability to rotate its head complete 360 degrees? Yes, Praying mantis is one such rare insect whose head is distinctively located in such a manner that it can do so. This insect is also known because of its two compound eyes and three simple eyes making it one of the distinct creatures.

This one many of us may not know. A kangaroo’s infant, Joey, stays in its mother’s small pouch for almost nine months; and when it is born, it resembles a tiny hairless worm that looks like a small coffee bean.

Well, did you ever know that a termite population is much higher than the population of man? It is estimated that the ratio of human population to that of a termite is around 1:10. For every one human, there are ten termites!


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