Using the Internet For Movie Information

June 27, 2022

Most of us enjoy a good movie, at least every so often. Just about everyone likes to be kept entertained. Fortunately, now a good movie is as close as your fingertips.

The Internet makes all of this possible. Any time you like, you can go online and retrieve anything. If you are a horror movie buff, a romance fan, a comedy aficionado, you can go right online and find the information regarding which movies are playing at theaters near you.

It used to be much harder to find out which movies were playing nearby. That was before the internet.

You would have to go get a phone book so you could call theaters. Then you would end up calling each of the theaters near you. You’d have to sit through the recording that listed which movies were playing and at what times.

That was really annoying. There are only so many times you can call back and hear a busy signal before you are about ready to give up! It was very hard getting through on a Friday or Saturday especially. Then, if you missed the recording for a certain time slot you had to listen to the whole thing over from the beginning. It wasn’t terribly fun.

The Internet has made all of that hassle unnecessary of course. To find out what is playing at a theater near you and when it will be shown, just open up a search engine window and search “movies now playing” or “new releases”. This will bring up an exhaustive list of current movies, and you’ll also be able to access the listing that shows which movies are playing when at theaters near you.

So now you know what is available for you to go see. You can still find more information! Next, you can go to search for trailers, to see if the movies you are interested in actually look as interesting once you have seen a bit of them on screen. This way, you have a bit of a trial before you decide which to spend money on.

One good site for this is Apple Trailers. You can go there to review current films playing in theaters, and to watch previews. You can also try the Internet Movie Database, and the movies section of the site Metacritic, to read reviews.

If you take a look at how different critics have rated a movie you can have an idea of the overall quality of a film. This can make a difference in whether or not you want to see it. After all, it is the job of the public relations company pushing the film to make it look interesting and fun, even if it turns out to be a dud. You want to get the consumer’s side of the story before you go buy tickets.

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