What You Are Missing Out on If You Haven’t Started Studying Dietary Supplements!

September 29, 2022

This article will be a short intro into the topic of dietary supplements and how they can benefit many aspects of your health, performance (both mental and physical) and aid you in either weight loss or weight gain.

The first thing you Börja studera have to realize is that all this hype about dietary supplement is completely founded. Yes, they can boost your brain power. Yes, they do help increase your athletic performance – no matter your field. And yes, they are a great aid for you in both weight loss and weight gain.

Now this is where things get complicated. For you see, how can there be so many, varied and in the case of weight gain vs weight loss contrary effects from using dietary supplements? The reason is that there are many many different dietary supplements out there. These range from things like plant extract, to anabolic hormones, steroids, vitamins, protein supplements, fish oil and whole heap of others.

The body functions as a vast array of interconnected circuits whose sole aim is to maintain balance – both in the face of negative, and positive change. A relatively new science that deals with how edible substances can influence the functions of the body is called: nutrigenomics. In a nutshell, it deals with how food influences seemingly unrelated functions of the body, things like gene expression, inflammation factors, immune system activity, allergy and many more.

Most people associate dietary supplements with something made up in a laboratory. Sometimes it is true, sometimes it isn’t. What you have to learn to do is to differentiate dietary supplements that are derived from natural, wholesome foods (whose effects are positive if not fully understood) and avoid the fringe products that are not fully tested and yet pushed by major pharmaceutical type players due to them having patent rights on the substances contained.


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