Wooden Blinds Vs Faux Wood Blinds

July 15, 2022

There are so many choices when it comes to wooden blinds it can make buying new window shades daunting. Wooden blinds are an excellent way to add warmth and texture to a home. However, wooden blinds are not suitable for every room. The kitchen may have humidity issues and they may not last long in the children’s playroom. A solution may be shades made from fake wood.You can Visit online for more information.

Natural wooden shades are made from strips of wood and can be quite fragile and difficult to clean. A faux wood window blind is made from wood pulp mixed with certain resins. This causes it to be much heavier and therefore more durable. It looks like natural wood but is more durable and easier to clean. It’s also quite a bit cheaper than natural wood.

Both wood and discount faux wooden blinds can be purchased almost anywhere that good quality blinds are sold. There are some store that specialize in wooden type shades because there are so many woods and colors to choose from. Wood blinds can not be purchased as vertical blinds. They only come in mini-blind and venetian blind styles. Two inch faux wood blinds are venetian blinds. One inch shades are mini-blinds.

Faux wood window blinds are treated to be water resistant. This makes them much better suited for kitchens and bathrooms where humidity is a problem. The faux wood blinds resist mold and mildew, unlike natural wood blinds.

Faux wood blinds do not mark easily which makes them very kid and pet friendly. They are easy to clean with regular cleaning products. They are cheaper than natural wood blinds and they are often made with recycled material. They are much heavier than natural wooden shades and they are not available in vertical styles.

Natural wooden blinds look gorgeous and are quite an investment for the home. They are light weight which makes them easier to install. Natural wood responds to moisture and tends to get mold and mildew damage. Natural wood blinds tend to scratch easily and need special products and techniques to clean them.

There are benefits with both faux wooden blinds and natural wooden shades. The deciding factor will be where the shades will be used. Faux wooden blinds are better for areas that have harsher environments and for consumers that like recycled materials.

I hope this article has assisted you in choosing between wooden and faux wood blinds.

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